Kuala Lumpur Street Food

Price : RM 285

Duration : 3.5hrs

Time : 09:15 – 12:45 daily

Kuala Lumpur : Tealive, Pasar Seni LRT Station

Max 9 participants

Family, Friendly


When you think of Malaysia, you think of food, Street Food! And what’s a better way to discover Malaysian Street Food than taking a stroll through the Heart of Kuala Lumpur, the Heritage Zone? The Kuala Lumpur Street Food Experience is a great way for any first-time visitor to explore the Food and Culture of Malaysia. During our walk, you will taste, smell and hear a great variety of cultural influences that makes Malaysia’s culture and food so diverse and delicious. On this journey, you will visit local tradesmen, street food vendors and shops hidden from the eyes of tourists. Witness the daily life of local Malaysians as you sample some of the most authentic and delicious food and drinks available. This experience is a great way to get a helicopter view of Malaysian Food and Culture. Bring your kids along, this is a kid friendly Food Experience!

A family sits at a table with plates of food.
A man is preparing food at a food stall.


  • Handmade Pau: Witness the making of the last hand-made Char Siew Pao (Steam Buns) in Kuala Lumpur. Be in awe with the master skills involved in the art of making Paos. And of course, taste these delicious Paos yourself.
  • Chinese Medicine: Discover the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Smell the concoction of herbs as you learn about the healing properties of these herbs.
  • Hawker Food: Sample and Taste up to 11 types of food and drinks such as the national drink Teh Tarik (Pulled Tea), the local ‘all time favourite’ Char Kuew Teow (Stir Fried Rice Noodles), famous Laksa, Indian Rotis and the best egg tarts in Malaysia. Also challenge yourself by tasting some notorious Durian Puffs.
  • Culture and Heritage: Listen to stories of the river of Life, the history and birth of Kuala Lumpur. Understand the wisdom Kuala Lumpur’s people and see the real Kuala Lumpur happen in front of your eyes. Immerse in the past, now and future of KL, whilst enjoying a cup of artisan drink at a former brothel.
  • Charity: The Pit Stop Community Cafe has served the homeless of Kuala Lumpur for many years. As a gratitude to them we donate RM10 per adult tour participant to this amazing cause.


  • A professional and friendly guide
  • Food and beverages at our selected food stalls

not included

  • Transportation to and from our meeting point
  • Alcoholic beverages and souvenirs

individual and group reservations

  • All our tours start with a minimum of 2 reservations. Would you like to book as an individual? We try to accommodate your reservation at the best price by adding you to an existing booking. Please contact us to check if we can add you to an existing booking. If we are unable to find another booking that suits your schedule we charge a minimum of 2 individuals to start the tour.
  • Special rates are available for group bookings of 6 individuals and more.


RM 285