Cook Malaysian Street Food at Home (Virtual Cooking Workshop)

Price : RM 95

Duration : 1.5hrs

Time : 18.00 – 19.30 daily

Virtual (Zoom)

Max. 12 participants

Cooking Enthusiasts


During this online virtual cooking experience, you will learn how to cook some the most delicious Malaysian street food dishes. We will explore the local ingredients and offer suggestions when they are not available in your location. Come and cook along and impress your friends with a Malaysian dish next time you cook.

Bonus get exposure to the Street food and vendors of Georgetown, Penang.

Mark, the Co-owner of Simply Enak is looking forward to sharing his personal stories of cooking with you. In this fun-filled and interactive cooking session, he will be taking you on a journey into the Malaysian kitchen where you will learn about typical Malaysian dishes, how to prepare them, what ingredients to use and even their history. Mark enjoys cooking at home, at his friends’ and eating all his life. He started out cooking at the age of 7, mainly to assist his grandmother in the Nyonya kitchen. What has started out as a duty has turned into passion and appreciation? Mark also runs a takeaway food joint ( “Tai Chow” in the local language) in Georgetown, Penang and his best seller is the all-time local favorite Durian Fried Rice!

This class is to empower you with knowledge, techniques, stories as well as information so that you could dish up fantastic yet practical Malaysian meals for your family and friends, even if you have not personally visited Malaysia.

Cooking together will allow one to fully absorb and learn the hands-on experience but if you just want to enjoy the entertainment that comes along with cooking and watching the cook that is also possible. Email us your request for family, friends, students, or a virtual company event with colleagues.

Once you sign up, the Simply Team will email you a “ get to know you” form or be in touch personally. This will allow us to understand your dietary, and food preferences (vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options for ingredients and allergies. The Team will also assist you in grocery shopping for the ingredients and advise replacements or options. You will receive a travel e-book re. Personalized and local Tips for future travels to Malaysia and of course the cooking recipes.

This experience is 100% online- your hosts will be hosting from their homes using their cameras. All you have to do is get your computer ready, have a proper internet connection, and enjoy your Malaysian cooking class in the comfort and safety of your own home.

We will be cooking Malaysian authentic dishes, ranging from street food to family-style recipes. There will be recipes that are catered to individual meals and some that are for sharing. What happens if I am a vegetarian? Not to worry, as we will be able to provide alternative ingredients to suit your needs.

Do you recall your moments, experiences and food tours in Malaysia?

Come join us again to virtually cook!

A family sits at a table with plates of food.
A man and woman sitting at a table with bowls of food.


  • Cooking the Street Food of Malaysia: Learn how to cook a staple Malaysian dish served in the streets and even in fine restaurants. One of the classic examples is our National dish – The all-time favourite among Malaysians: Nasi Lemak. Using family recipes and having tweaked them to cook for our families we are proud to share from our hearts the secrets behind the kitchen and we even have a vegetarian version.
  • Understanding Malaysian cooking, history and culture: Get to know Malaysia, speak and learn the best from a fellow Malaysian, the local ingredients and cook a Malaysian dish.
  • A Wet Market Introduction: Catch a glimpse of a typical wet market (pre-recorded) scene in Malaysia.
  • Personalized the Malaysian dish you want to learn: Share with us your travelogues and the Malaysian dish you have heard about, always wanted to learn and cook. Sign up for a customized cooking class for you and your group and give our Team here at Simply Enak something to think about.


  • Licensed Local Guide
  • E-book: Introduction to Malaysia
  • Recipes

not included

  • Ingredients will need to be purchased prior to the workshop

How does a virtual tour work?

Virtual tours are not much different from face-to-face tours, with the advantage that you can stay at home. This is what you can expect when you book a virtual tour with us.

  • Select the best date and time for your experience to start (remember we are in Malaysia which means we are in the GMT+8 time zone)
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  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the recipe and ingredients for your cooking class
  • In a separate message, we will send you the link to your zoom session
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RM 95