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Penang: St. George Church
0930-1300 daily
RM250 per Adult, RM50 per Child (ages 5-11)
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About the tour

Penang is known in Malaysia as the food capital and what better way than to explore the street food this island has to offer. As we walk past the monuments of Penang we take a step back to the time when Penang was formed as a settlement.  As we try different dishes we explore the traditions and culture that makes Penang food so unique and delicious. Have a light (or no) breakfast to prepare for all the local favorites such as Roti Chennai, Penang Laksa, Nasi Lemak and more. 

Penang Street Food, Simply Enak


Penang Street Food, Simply Enak
  • Street Food - Dig in at some of the most delicious dishes in Penang, learn where they originated from and what makes them stand out in the Malaysian kitchen.
  • Secret Societies - Discover the role secret societies played in Penang and how the biggest fight between these secret societies led to them being outlawed under the British law.
  • Street Art - What would a visit to Penang be without a selfie with some of the most unique pieces of street art. Show your friends and family you've been here on the most #instragrammable location of our tour.
  • Clan Houses: Discover how Clan Houses played a vital role for Chinese immigrants settling in Penang and taste the dishes that were influenced by immigrants from China.
  • Goddess of Mercy Temple: Experience how food and prayers go together in the rituals performed at the Indian temples of Penang.


  • A professional and friendly guide
  • Food and beverages at our selected food stalls

not included

  • Transportation to and from our meeting point
  • Alcoholic beverages and souvenirs

individual and group reservations

  • All our tours start from a minimum of 2 reservations. Would you like to book as an individual? We try to accommodate your reservation at the best price by adding you to an existing booking. Please contact us to check if we can add you to an existing booking. If we are unable to find another booking that suits your schedule we charge a minimum of 2 individuals to start the tour.
  • Special rates are available for group bookings of 5 individuals and more.

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3 thoughts on “Penang Street Food”

  1. Penang Street Food, Simply Enak

    I can’t praise this tour more highly! Totally personalised with the friendly, knowledgeable and articulate Mark as your hometown guide, you stroll through the streets of Penang, not too far at a time, and sit and chat in the cool food stalls and restaurants which highlight the varied delights of all sorts of ‘tucker’ in Penang. Added to that, Mark’s extensive knowledge of the history and culture of Penang allows him to tell you all sorts of things which surprise and interest! Even on a hot day, the pace is right. We don’t usually do ‘tours’, but this is more like having a new friend to show you around his city! Thanks!

  2. Penang Street Food, Simply Enak

    Penang is the best place for quality food and affordable lifestyle.
    I spend a few weeks there.
    I wish to visit that amazing place again.

    Thanks for your amazing content and your photos are interesting.

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