Discover Trades, Culture and Street Vendors

Kuala Lumpur: LRT Station Pasar Seni
0915-1245 daily​
RM260 per Adult, RM50 per Child (ages 5-11)
Family Friendly

About the tour

When you think of Malaysia, you think of food, Street Food! And what’s a better way to discover Malaysian Street Food than taking a stroll through the Heart of Kuala Lumpur, the Heritage Zone. The Kuala Lumpur Street Food Experience is a great way for any first time visitor to explore the Food and Culture of Malaysia. During our walk you will taste, smell and hear a great variety of cultural influences that makes Malaysia’s culture and food so diverse and delicious. On this journey you will visit local tradesmen, street food vendors and shops hidden from the eyes of tourists. Witness the daily life of local Malaysians as you sample some of the most authentic and delicious food and drinks available. This experience is a great way to get a helicopter view of Malaysian Food and Culture. Bring your kids along, this is a kids friendly Food Experience!

, Kuala Lumpur Street Food, Simply Enak


, Kuala Lumpur Street Food, Simply Enak


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