Sambal with Love from Ah Chong X Simply Enak

Sambal with Love from Ah Chong X Simply Enak

This humble beginning of Ah Chong sambal started during the MCO (Malaysian Movement Control Order) when the world including Malaysia was in lockdown. As with Simply Enak’s vision, mission and all that encompasses us the people behind the stories of Simply Enak we stayed home and went back to our roots.

We went back to what we love to do, cooking what we like to eat. We opened up our grandmother’s Sambal recipe book and created our version with some secret tweaks. Flavours that are authentic, home-cooked, local flavours and definitely local produce.


Sambal is a sauce that is made out of chillies, spices and herbs. They are widely known in South East Asia as one of the main cooking ingredients in daily recipes and also as condiments. The taste and the spiciness of sambal has evolved from time to time to suit the local taste buds.

For example, Sambal from Thailand would be a bit sweet compared to Malaysian Sambal. On the other hand, Indonesian Sambal would have the spiciest sambal in town. It is important to know what kind of chilli that is used to produce a good sambal. Different types of chilli play an important role as it will need to blend in well with other ingredients to produce a great sambal.

about ah chong

Mark Ng and Mike Chong are the cooks behind Ah Chong 炒飯 takeaway based in Georgetown, Penang. Both foodie lovers have a high passion for food. Between “Ng” and “Chong” -Chong’s surname was picked as the brand name as it is catchy and resonated well.

Ah Chong 炒飯 takeaway in Penang has been serving some extra dictionary dishes like  XO Sauce Salted Fish Fried Rice, Nam Yue Chicken Chop and the star of the menu is The Durian Fried Rice. (*Caveat- not everyone’s cup of tea).


When Pauline Lee from Simply Enak, tasted Ah Chong炒飯 Sambal- it was a mind-blowing experience as it tasted almost like the staple sambal that comes with her favourite Hokkien Mee that the local “UNCLE” cooks in her neighbourhood. Immediately her reaction would be let’s share the happiness and goodness in Klang Valley and beyond : )

Hence SAMBAL WITH LOVE FROM AH CHONG x SIMPLY ENAK; the SPICY collaboration was born.

“Caring is sharing” as we all learn and grow up with. Deeply ingrained into a true Malaysian’s heart is the sharing and community, and family culture hence Ah Chong’s 炒飯 Sambal. This sambal is inspired by everything that is truly Malaysian, and close to heart.


Ah Chong’s 炒飯 Sambal can be used as an all-purpose condiment. It may be added to noodle dishes, soups, stews, meat, rice, and even eggs. Sambal can also be used to add heat and flavour to marinades, dips, sauces, and spreads.

This ready-made and ready-to-use sambal belacan serve as a base for a lot of dishes – which you can easily dish up within minutes. It helps you to save time while being able to enjoy a delicious meal. For example, stir-fry the sambal in a bit of oil and add the vegetable of your choice to toss.

It is super convenient and easy as you can eat it just like that, steam, mix and stir fry it to make your own version of Sambal Fried Rice.

Need some guidance? Check out our home-tested recipes below by Guide EEZ sambal. It will definitely make your cooking easier and more exciting. Need some new ideas on what to cook for your next meal? CLICK ON AND CHECK OUT THE YOUTUBE PAGE below.

Order a sambal for yourself or your family today and enjoy cooking with us!

Yes, give me that sambal!


I love it! The taste reminds me of my family’s home cooking. It is not too spicy and has a rich depth of umami flavours that comes from the belacan.

Rachel Loh

Georgetown Penang

Pauline Lee

4 responses to “Sambal with Love from Ah Chong X Simply Enak”

  1. Johnny Liew avatar
    Johnny Liew

    There’s just something about Ah Chong’s sambal that makes me come back and crave for more! It’s flavourful, mildly spicy, tangy and when mix with a tinge of freshly-squeezed calamansi, they become explosive when eaten with the main dish! It’s a must-try!

  2. Charmaine Chan avatar
    Charmaine Chan

    This sambal is simply enak ! It’s powerfully packed with the fragrance of belacan and the chili spiciness doesn’t overwhelmed the whole flavour of Sambal. It just has the right balance of flavor and spiciness in place. This brought some good old memories back with the Sambal my late grandma used to make and we ate Sambal on sandwich bread with cucumber just like that. I cooked the tempeh with Ah Chong Sambal recently to explore more. Boy, it was a blast with my family ! Sudah makan mau lagi. Simply enak

  3. E Hoon Ong avatar
    E Hoon Ong

    Simply the best, better than the rest! It gives you the kick, and make your dishes tick! Complete your meal with a truly Malaysian flavour!

  4. Lilian avatar

    Love the sambal. Goes great with noodles, just mix in together for a simple and homy meal. Another favorite of mine is sambal steam fish. Even my kid says its yummy mummy. ???? Today will be trying with lady’s fingers.

    Just Simply Enak!

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